Freyja Turns 4

My sweet girl<3

Cora’s First Birthday || Portland Lifestyle Photographer || Cathedral Park 

A few weeks back I caught up with the Dicken family just in time for their daughter, Cora’s first birthday. Last time I saw them, this sweet girl was still baking in her mamas tummy so it was so fun to see the little person she has become! The session was fun and a little crazy, exactly how I prefer my sessions to go 😉 Channing is such a good big brother and it’s evident how much he adores his baby sis. Love love love how this session turned out! 

Baby Lana

The Kephart Family || Lifestyle Family Session || Eugene OR

Gorgeous fall color, amazing sunshine and one of my favorite families. It doesn’t get much better! So happy to share this gorgeous session with you all.


Photo 52

Happy New Year all! Okay I know I’m about 2 weeks late but I’m creative, don’t they say you can’t be creative and punctucal at the same time? No? Hmm well perhaps they should say that. Just a thought. I digress..

2016 was a bit of a rough year, for the world it seemed. But personally it was THE BEST YEAR EVER because our sweet Piper girl was born. She is just joy personafied and I still ask myself daily how I ever got so lucky.

There are certain perks to being your own boss but it can really be a double edge sword. I’ve been cutting myself just a little too much slack lately and really haven’t been challenging myself with my photography. With this in mind I’ve decided to do a photo 52. Every week I will choose a theme and post the theme on Monday, than will post my photo on Saturday. Since I’m about two weeks late getting this going I will probably try to add two extra photos in at some point. I would LOVE IF YOU WANTED TO JOIN ME!  You can check here for each weeks theme or follow me on IG @harperbreezephoto and tag your photos with #harperbreezephotochallenge

This is designed to be a fun and stress free kind of thing, you absolutely do not need to have a fancy camera, any camera will work. I will honestly probably end up doing some with my iPhone and some with my camera.

This weeks theme is COLD because it has been down right chilly around here this past week. We’ve also had about a foot of snow to go with it!

If you want to join in the fun comment below or let me know on IG! Can’t wait to see all of your photos!

Piper Addison January


If it’s felt like I haven’t been around lately…it’s because I haven’t.


This sweet bundle arrived January 27th and turned our world upside down in the best way possible.


She stole our hearts from moment one.


And we knew…life would never be the same again.


I’ve spent hours upon hours staring at her perfect face. And even more than that kissing her sweet cheeks and tiny hands.


She’s been growing so fast. She needs to slow down.


I could spend forever marveling at the wonder that is her.


But I’ve also been starting to miss work.


So as my sweet girl approaches her 3 month birthday, I know it’s time to jump back in.


Thank you for your patience as I took the time to bond with this cutie pie.


Coming up this week I will have the adorable Duke up on the blog!