73009196_479736882618736_7549098745837649920_n (1)Hello, I’m Rebekah.

Owner and operator at Harper Breeze Photography.  2019 starts my 10th year of living my passion of doing what I love, capturing your memories, your families, your moments.

A true Oregon girl, I love the smell of  fresh rain, hot coffee on cold days, wandering through old bookstores. I love my people (the ones who keep me sane and feed me coffee) my lovable, goofy dog, I love the one who calls me mama, most.

But enough about me.

This is all about you. 

In those real, authentic, uninhibited moments. In the laughter and the tears. The messy and mundane.

I don’t want to photograph what it looks like to be there. I want to photograph of what it feels like to be there. 

Your love. Your emotions. Your stories.

I am fiercely passionate about what I do and believe that passion shines through in my work. I love working with all kinds of people from all different walks of life and love tackling new challenges. I look forward to meeting you!

“Rebekah Sapp is a lifestyle photographer, focusing her talents on capturing life’s most beautiful and unexpected moments. Well known for her photojournalistic style and easy going candor, Rebekah’s warm and embracing personality will immediately put you at ease.”  

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