CRAZY SUMMER {catch up time}

September 15th???? How in the heck did that happen? No seriously, I blinked and summer was here and gone! And although I loved every minute of it I am so looking forward to a little down time these next few weeks to catch up on everything!

As most of you probably know (although some of you may not…) we are expecting a sweet baby girl this winter! Piper Addison will be making her appearance sometime after Christmas and we seriously could not be more excited or thrilled!!!

I’ve been MIA for quite some time here on the blog but just because I wasn’t posting definitely does not mean I wasn’t shooting! I spent the summer capturing some AMAZING weddings with some absolutely GORGEOUS families. I love my job so so so very much, although powering through the constant morning sickness (why the heck do they call it morning sickness when it lasts all day???) as well as the general exhaustion of growing a human definitely took its toll on me. I’m so excited to finally be catching up on editing and getting some amazing blog posts ready for you guys!

In the meantime this sweet face.