The Dicken Family || Family Session 2019 || Portland, OR

I was a little nervous going into this session.

Not for the reasons you might think, this beautiful family has been a valued client of mine for years now and I knew they were all going to bring the magic.

No, I was worried because the entire drive out to the beautiful Tualitin Wild Life Refuge, it was POURING. I don’t mean a light sprinkle, I mean like torrential rains, wipers going as fast as they could and I still couldn’t see the road.

I sat there, for the entire drive and willed the rain to stop. And than something amazing happened. It did.

We got there and there was not one rain drop to be seen. Instead the sky decided to show off with some amazingly gorgeous dark rain clouds. I was obsessed.

Sometimes things work out perfectly and these dark clouds that kept rolling through were just the best.


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