The Taylor Family | Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Portland, OR

I have been sitting here for weeks with this blog post in draft status. Each time I sit down to finish, the words somehow escape me and I am left staring at a blank screen. How can I adequately put into words what I felt while photographing this beautiful family. 

This family.

This beautiful family of four who I have been blessed to call friends. This family who, to many will now only look like three. I could talk about the immense love they so clearly have for each other. I could tell you about the way Nick glances at Kate and you can tell she is his world. I could say they look down at their baby boy Eamonn, as if he hung the stars. Because all of that is true. But than there is this other side. The side I know too well. The look of longing, the pain in their eyes because part of them is missing. A piece of their heart is gone forever. They are so excited for family photos and if you didn’t know you would never know. To the world they appear the ever care free new parents happily doting on their sweet new babe. Because they are. But they are also dealing with an immense grief. A few months ago my amazing, courageous friends were forced  to say good bye to their gorgeous son Ruan, Eamonn’s twin brother. How do you adequately put into words the joy and the love and the sorrow and the grief. The millions of emotions that swirl around your brain when your child dies. You just don’t.

There are zero words to say when someone loses a child. It just shouldn’t happen. But it does. This sweet life that was, but oh so briefly. He was here. He matters. Ruan. A strong name for such a strong little man.

I loved this session.  But it was raw. I knew it would be an emotional session for me and it was. I admire Nick and Kate so much. I am honored to have captured their sweet family.

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Sunset Chaser



They say time flies when you’re having fun and it sure has been zipping by!

It’s already January 16th?? OKAY how did that happen?

Well, I guess I kind of know how that happened…

I shot the most amazing wedding ever on NYE.

I spent a long weekend in Eugene meeting with clients and catching up with friends.

I’ve had a couple of absolutely adorable babies in front of my lens over the last few weeks.

I’ve been finishing up some gorgeous family sessions from the month of December.

And I’ve been cuddling my man and my puppy.

Along with moonlighting at a friend’s bar a few nights a week…bartending is hard to get away from!

Blogging is on my mind…and I keep meaning to get caught up. So for now a few of the gorgeous faces that have found their way in front of my lens over the last few months.


The Dooleys (16)




Florence (24)


Emilia (29)

Cassie + Chris (19)



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    “I tripped and lost my balance”
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    As of late I have lacked balance. In my personal and professional life. My poor blog has been ignored as well as my laundry. I am so so so thankful for all of the fantastic business I have had this fall. I have had the pleasure of working with some really wonderful, amazing people, people who instantly I knew would turn into not just great clients but great friends as well. I thought I was “prioritizing” my clients to come first but what I have realized is without a balance to my work life as well as home life I am really doing everyone a disservice. I always want to give 110% but have realized this is simply not possible if I am trying to give 110% 110% of the time. It doesn’t add up and it makes for a grumpy groggy me.

    I have always found it incredibly hard to say “no” when it is something I love. A craft sale benefiting a great charity? Sign me up! Picking up a friend from the airport? Absolutely! A chance to meet some new clients and capture a special time in their life? You know I am ALL about it. And the thing is I really don’t ever want to say no to any of these things. I enjoy what I do so very much and truly love my crazy busy life! But there needs to be balance. AND…maybe a touch more organization for this right brain creative.

    Sigh…If only there were a few more hours in the day (who among us hasn’t wished for this wish a handful of times?!)

    Here’s a sweet baby tummy for your Tuesday! collage7


Welcome Baby C

I had the pleasure of meeting Harmony and Scott today when they had me over to photograph the newest addition to their family. What a sweet little guy he is! At 16 days new Cameron was the perfect sleepy poser and gave me shot after shot of pure baby perfection. Mom and dad were great sports about me rearranging their furniture to get the best light and over all it was just a fabulous afternoon. Have I mentioned how much I love my job lately?

‘Cause I really love my job.

I haven’t even finished going through all of the photos but I had to share at least one (okay two!) because really what better way to end the weekend than a photo of a sweet little snooze.




It’s my favorite time of year!

That’s right guys it is officially, as of today September 22nd, my favorite season!fallNot only do I love Fall for it’s amazingly beautiful colors, for the absolutely perfect ‘golden’ hour and for sunsets that light the sky on fire… (although I really really love Fall for all of these reasons!)

I love Fall because it means football. LOTS of football.

I love Fall because it means gorgeous boots and scarves and cozy sweaters.

…because it means I can indulge my pumpkin addiction as often as I like in almost any form I want (pumpkin oreos?? I’m not totally sold but I mean it seems like I should probably give them a chance….)

…..because it means Halloween and Thanksgiving. Dressing up crazy and eating tons of delicious food, need I say more?

And one of the things I truly love most is all of the amazing client sessions I shoot throughout the fall<3 Each and every one always turns into such a fun day and looking back over the years they always seem to turn into my favorite sessions.

What are some of your favorite things about Fall? I would love to hear about them here in the comments section!

OK. Now back to editing!!!

Aurora | Newborn Lifestyle Session | Portland OR


{zoey hanging out eating cupcakes}

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{harper’s feet}


The Bailey Family

I love this family so much. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Robyn over the past year and am continually amazed by her beautiful spirit. She is truly lovely inside and out and I am just so happy to have had the chance to photograph her gorgeous family again! The first time we did family photos their sweet twin girls were only a few months old. Now they are 20 months old and on the go! Here are some of my favorite photos from our day.IMG_0495IMG_0536-2 Untitled-13Untitled-25Untitled-1IMG_0533Untitled-14