The Adventures of Billie Mae

It was one of those late May days that wants so badly to be summer despite the cool spring breeze that still lingers. I met Colin, Annie, their incredibly adorable daughter Billie Mae and their wonderful dog Teddy at their home to take some photos. Nestled in a charming neighborhood among the SW hills of Portland I loved everything about this in-home session. These types of sessions are some of my favorite to shoot because everyone is so relaxed and truly able to be themselves. I love capturing people in their “space” and always find the results so true.

I loved getting to know this sweet family. Here is a peek into their beautiful life. _MG_6430 _MG_6377 _MG_6352 _MG_6348 _MG_6273 _MG_6234 _MG_6228 _MG_6224 _MG_6223 _MG_6210 _MG_6197 _MG_6191 _MG_6183 _MG_6182 _MG_6142 _MG_6132 _MG_6130 _MG_6121 _MG_6103 _MG_6079 _MG_6067 _MG_6053 _MG_6052 _MG_6048 _MG_6041 _MG_6040 _MG_6025 _MG_6024 _MG_6022 _MG_6020 _MG_6015 _MG_6008 _MG_6001 _MG_5996 _MG_5977 _MG_5970 _MG_5965-2 _MG_5948 _MG_5941-2 _MG_5938 _MG_5932 _MG_5931 _MG_5930 _MG_5921-2 _MG_5921 _MG_5900 _MG_5879 _MG_5869 _MG_5848 _MG_5844-2 _MG_5841 _MG_5821 _MG_5817

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