The Barkers | Family Photographer, Eugene OR

I am so excited to share these photos of some very good friends of mine! I absolutely adore them and was so excited to finally be photographing their newest teeny tiny addition Zoey. It’s no surprise that little Zo is absolutely stunning because she has two gorgeous parents. I love when I do a session somewhere that has meaning to the clients so with this in mind we decided to head out to Cottage Grove to the home Nikki grew up in! The property was absolutely beautiful and exploding with tons of fall color! Here are a few of my favorite images from our fun morning!

_MG_1034 _MG_1047_MG_1090-2 _MG_1097 _MG_1098_MG_1167-2_MG_1191_MG_1235 _MG_1242_MG_1325_MG_1385_MG_1364 _MG_1379_MG_1354_MG_1337_MG_1190_MG_1176-2_MG_1211 _MG_1218_MG_1335_MG_1282_MG_1316-2_MG_1103-3_MG_1402_MG_1101

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